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FOS Open Scouting is a youth movement that counts over 8000 scouts & guides. Divided over 52 groups, spreaded throughout Flanders and Brussels, these youngsters meet up every weekend to play the game of scouting. 

1/ What makes us ... 


FOS Open Scouting is a pluralistic, non-confessional and non-political youth movement. We welcome everyone, regardless of race, origin, belief, conviction or gender. We feel strongly about tolerance, uniting different opinions in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Openness is our contribution to a multicultural society.

Scouts & Guides

Scouting is a well-tried working procedure and a pedagogically justified method to deal with young people. Youngsters meet each other in small groups, with responsibilities adjusted to their age. In scouting traditions live on, creating a magical and mysterious world of experience. But playing and adventure are given priority.


As a scout you feel at home in the world. You are part of a worldwide movement. During international camps you meet young people from all quarters sharing plenty of common values. You enjoy the hospitality in other countries, and occasionally you can be the host(ess). 


Although traditions are important, scouting is a contemporary movement. Young people are straightforward, and that's also what Open Scouting stands for. It's up to you. No lack of challenges: test your pluck and give rein to your grit and energy. 

An added value in a younster's life

Scouting values you highly. Participation and joint responsibility are its essential cornerstones. 

Being a dynamic movement, FOS tries to operate as democratically as possible. We give you the opportunity to take up social engagements. You grow up with a critical eye, a social attitude and an ecology-conscious view on society. Scouting is all about teamwork: both large and small groups are very important.


2/ Age group sections in FOS Open Scouting

FOS Open Scouting exists of 5 different age group sections experiencing scouting. In every local group there are boys as wel as girls. If you have questions about this, please contact the local unit.


3/ More information

For youngsters & parents

Are you interested in joining a group of FOS Open Scouting? Great! On our site, you can enter the zip code of any town in Flanders. In the results you can find more information about the nearest local unit. Ofcourse you can also contact the National Secretary for more information and help. 

National Secretary 
(+32) 9 245 45 86 

For other scouts & guides

Are you interested in our national scouts organization? Do you want to visit us or do you have specific question? Then you can always get in touch with our international commissioners. They will help you as well as they can! 

International Commissioners 


FOS Open Scouting online

Not only present in the real world, but also in virtual reality. Why don't you come and visit us at ... 



FOS is a member of WOSM, World Organization of the Scout Mouvement. 
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FOS is a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. 
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Infra-FOS is a sisterorganization of FOS Open Scouting, with youth Hostels in Ronse & Laarne. 

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